Offshore Solutions was originally formed in 2000 and is a joint venture between three New Zealand Companies, Seaworks Limited, Swire Pacifi c Offshore NZ Limited and ETL Group Limited.

The Company was primarily established in response to a clients request for an integrated package of marine and logistical services to support their offshore operations out of New Plymouth. The share holders had extensive previous experience in this role with this client and had been working together providing such services since 1998. The decision to move into a formal joint venture was seen as natural progression enabling the client to form a long term alliance with partners who were totally familiar with their needs and with whom proven relationships already existed.

In forming the alliance Offshore Solutions and their clients were challenged to meet demanding targets. To achieve these required a completely new approach with all parties required to adopt different operational behaviours than those that had been traditionally the
norm whilst at the same time delivering the highest standards of service and HSE excellence.

Since it’s inception the Company has continued to grow and develop and today Offshore Solutions provides a full range of marine and logistics services to clients supporting their offshore drilling, production and FPSO operations.

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